As a representative for different Manufacturers,  We submit the following Products:

- Copper Rods.

Copper and Aluminium Winding Wire, enamelled Round, Flat  and paper covered


   Wires according to IEC standard.

- Copper Bus bars.

- Stranded Wire.

- Insulation material: Transformers Press board and  Sticks,


- Bushing and Insulators:


- Cast resin and Monobloc

- Valves:

- Off load Tap Changer


-Wooden Poles with Cresote impregnation ( Type B and C).

The Industrial Electric Supply(IES) is the representative of the German Producer of Wooden Poles IMPRAEGNIERWERK MARMETSCHKE GMBH (IMG). 

We represent the IMG in the following countries:

Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Irak, Jemen, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libyan, Tunis, Algerian, Marroco.  

The IMG offers standardized wooden poles according to British BS and DIN EN 14229 tested qualities made in Germany for power industry and telecommunications.

The IMG plant is located in the middle of one of the largest pine forest areas in Germany. It stretches over 600 ha. The IMG is also able to supply large quantities of round masts in the short time.

The plant is best accessible at the railway station and close to the seaport. The masts are peeled on the ground.
The demand for round wooden poles through wind, ice and snow will increase. They require safe and efficient poles. The masts are carefully tested according to different criteria and sorted according to the customer's requirements, to ensure strength and durability.

The sorted poles are impregnated and treated on the spot according to customer specifications. The masts are fixed and ready for the construction site.

IMG supplies standardized high-strength and ready-to-install round wooden poles in various sizes and variants.

Shipping is done just in time.

IMG supplies masts for power supply and telecommunications worldwide.

- Renewable Energy

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